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Welcome to Sofia Mediterranean

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Our philosophy of life

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The Mediterranean is our reason for being, a broader concept that not only includes gastronomy, but also health, the arts, conversation and friendship that are born and strengthened around the table.  

Our influences come from the culinary and cultural richness of the 22 Mediterranean countries: European, African and Asian.  Our name Sofia is the word for “wisdom” in Greek and is, according to Leonardo da Vinci in the Middle Ages, a term that alluded to being: “daughter of experience.”

Gastronomy is an art that feeds on other disciplines, while nourishing them. The relationship between cooks and diners must be based on a mutual experience of feedback and joy. Our concept is to cook from tradition, with elements of innovation, in a healthy, responsible and sustainable way, ecologically and socially.  

For us, serving, cooking and talking about food is the most natural thing in the world, it is an integral part of our life.

About our raw material

To the extent possible, we closely know and monitor the origin of our raw materials and their handling. We personally know the farmers, fishermen and ranchers along with their families who have been providing us with products for many years.

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Fruits and vegetables

We include seasonal products in our menu and whenever there is availability we get organic products directly from the farmer.



Our lamb is organic, from national producers, from small family farms located in Guanacaste and Heredia.


We prepare many of our desserts at home from scratch, with natural products: wheat flour, nuts, butter, honey and many hours of work and preparation.


In the Mediterranean we cannot eat without bread. In Sofia we prepare our bread, based on traditional recipes in versions such as lavash and picado.



The chicken we serve is pastured, hormone and chemical free, from family farms located in the Los Santos area.

Olive oil

Nothing more Mediterranean and healthy than olive oil. Most of our dishes are marinated and cooked in olive oil and extra virgin olive oil, imported from Greece. In some cases, due to particular recipes, we use good quality sesame and soy oil.


Eggs and milk

Our egg and milk supplier in Heredia, at the foot of Braulio Carrillo, offers us 100% pastured products and also provides us with fresh milk.

Fish and seafood

The fish and seafood we serve, unless there is no availability in the country, come from our Pacific coast. Our suppliers do not use trawling. We only offer species that are not in danger of extinction.

Fresh pasta

We prepare our tortelloni at home, with Italian recipes.

bottled drinks

We have eliminated plastic bottles from the products we purchase and do not serve plastic straws with our drinks.

Every day we continue to learn and improve!


Contact us

+506 7292-4747 / +506 4500-4222

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