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World Class Jazz Dinner Show with GAIA Quartet

Updated: May 15

May 19th, 6:30 pm. Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Sofia Mediterraneo Restaurant

Reservations: 7292 4747

Jazz is coming to Guanacaste. Join a world class jazz concert, mediterranean dinner and fundraiser that support 5 public schools educational visits by GAIA international jazz team with master classes and performances.

GAIA Quartet Musicians
Tony Miceli -Vibraphone · Mali (Gina Chaverri) - Vocals · Orlando Ramírez - Drums· Max Esquivel - Bass (bios below)

Dinner by Sofia Mediterraneo Restaurant

"Amouse Bouche": "Borek", filled pastry with spinach

Appetizers (choose one)

  1. Mini Sofía: 4 Mediterranean appetizers: Ajvar, Sak suka, Hummus and Haydari with house bread

  2. Dolma: young leaves of the grapevine stuffed with rice and spices

  3. Fish and shrimp skewer

Main dishes (choose one)

  1. The Sultan's favorite, lamb stew in natural tomato sauce over smoked eggplant puree with Gruyere cheese

  2. Queen sea bass fillet with lobster sauce

  3. Tenderloin "alla Rossini" with cooked ham, Gruyere cheese and Marsala sauce

  4. "Macarrones del Cardenal", pasta from Barcelona, with natural tomato sauce and parmesan cream

Dessert (choose one)

  1. Special Trio from Pandeli  

Cost: C35 000 plus taxes. This price includes the entrance to the concert and the dinner. For each person who purchases the ticket Sofia Mediterraneo will donate $10 to the GAIA foundation.

Save your space today!

Bios of the Musicians

Tony Miceli -Vibraphone

Internationally renowned jazz vibraphonist Tony Miceli has established himself as one of the primary voices on the mallet instrument, winning hearts and minds wherever he plays.  His achievements, however, go much further beyond.  A sought-after recording artist, Miceli is an inspired educator who delivers vibraphone master classes the world over, enriching the students of Ireland, Germany, South Korea, Italy, for example, with an accompanying concert finale.  Miceli promotes the instrument through his brainchild,, a virtual meeting place and teaching tool for some 4000 student and professional members.  He is also the co-creator of the World Vibes Congress, a formal gathering of players who share the desire to bring public awareness to the vibraphone.  It is worth noting that Miceli is part of Team Omega, an elite group of vibes players that includes only three others, headliners David Friedman, Joe Locke, and Stefon Harris.  At All About Jazz, Victor Schermer describes him as

“... a vibraphonist of astonishing virtuosity, musical resilience, and inventiveness. His vibes playing is nothing short of phenomenal.” 

Mali (Gina Chaverri) - Vocals

Soulful pop/rock and jazz singer and songwriter Malí, fell in love with the arts since very little. Coming from a family of artists, her grandfather, a renowned Costa Rican visual artist, introduced her to all forms of art. Every afternoon, she would go to his studio and learn from his art experiments, while her mom taught her drawing techniques. He also loved to show her the masterpieces of the great classical composers, making it impossible not to fall in love with these magical moments. Drawing and painting while listening to music, resulted in a profound search for the use of different colors and textures in her music. 

After, she went to dance school. She later became a professional ballet and contemporary dancer, until a hip injury came into play. Her dancing lessons and rehearsals were always accompanied by her voice, silently improvising melodies in her brain to every song that was played. These left a huge mark on her need to create melodies, write music, and keep her soul dancing for a lifetime... and as if days were endless, love for music could never end, so she would go home, play the piano and sing, completing the circle of art that embraces her soul and makes her heart “breath” every single day.

Orlando Ramírez - Drums

Orlando is a Costa Rican drummer. He began studying the drums at the age of 17, and a year later he was accepted to carry out his musical studies at the National University, degrees that he concluded with honors in 2016. Professionally, he has been part of many artistic projects inside and outside of Costa Rica. , with a great diversity of musical genres. He has shared with artists such as Eddie Gomez, Oscar Stagnaro, Alex Terrier, Steve Turre, Gary Campbell, Randy Brecker, Nestor Torres, Greg Osby, among others. At the national level he is part of several musical groups such as Adrian Goizueta, Malí, Josh Quinlan, Perrozompopo, Infibeat, Peregrino Gris, Pablo Campos, among others.

Max Esquivel - Bass

Max was born in San José, Costa Rica, where he started playing electric bass at thirteen. He studied at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music under the tutelage of Reggie Workman, Joanne Brackeen, Matthew Garrison, Adam Rogers, and Fima Ephron, to name a few.

He has been playing professionally for more than fifteen years. He has played with international artists such as Arturo Sandoval, with whom he participated in several festivals around the world, including the Matosinhos Jazz Festival (Portugal), Sibiú Jazz Festival (Romania), Zacatecas Cultural Festival (Mexico ), Den Attelier (Luxembourg), and Jazz Alley (Seattle), Grammy winner Maurice Brown, and two-time Latin Grammy nominee Linda Briceño. He won an ACAM award for Best Jazz Album 2012-2013. He has a national music award for his performance with Swing en 4 in 2022 for the album Impressions.

Be part of the Music Wave !!!

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